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Ahuva Ver

Grades 1 & 3 Jewish Studies Assistant Teacher

Amanda Evans

Admissions & Outreach Associate


Amy Watenmaker

Grade 1 Lead Teacher

Ani Varro

Assistant Head of School, Finance and Operations

(650) 494-4405 — x105 — L111

Ann DeHovitz

Grade 1 Teacher


Arob Suleiman

Grades 4, 6, 7 Math Teacher, Grade 6 Advisor

Ashley Pizzaro

Administrative Assistant and Chugim Coordinator


Atara Moalem

Grades 1 & 3 Jewish Studies Teacher

Aviv Matzkin

Grades 2 & 4 Jewish Studies Teacher

Benjamin Smietana

Middle School Humanities, Middle School Advisor

Bonnie Segal

Kindergarten Lead Teacher


Brooklyn Cook

Learning Support Specialist

x221 — L211

Candace Droutsas

Grade 4 Lead Teacher


Carol Piraino

Interim Head of School

(650) 494-4402 — x222 — L113

Claire Smith


Front Desk

Cressida Hanson

Librarian, Grade 7 Advisor

x421 — Library

Donna Seidel

Grade 2 Lead Teacher


Dorothy Thursby

Art Teacher

x409 — Art Room

Elisa Weizman

Music Teacher

x407 — Music Room

Elizabeth Duncan

Grades 1, 2 Lead Teacher

Esti Levin BenDavid

Middle School Jewish Studies Teacher, Grade 6 Advisor

Eti Zehavi

Grades 3-7 Hebrew Studies Teacher

Felix Gopar


Gabe Sanchez

Bookkeeper & Photographer

(650) 494-4411 — x115 — L209

Grace Rhodes

Office Manager


Heather Hoffman

Grade 3 Lead Teacher


Hillary Hazan-Glass

Director of Admissions

(650) 494-4404 — x104 — T121

Inbal Bar-Yossef

Grades 1-4 Hebrew Studies Teacher

Irit Bornstein

Kindergarten & Grade 1 Hebrew & Jewish Studies Teacher

Jenni Danis

Athletics Director, Middle School PE Teacher, Grade 7 Advisor

x538 — T114

Jennifer Kaplan

Grade 1 Assistant Teacher


Jerry Brodkey

Grades 6-8 Math Teacher

Jessica Labes

Development and Alumni Associate

x157 — L216

Jody Passanisi

Director of Middle School

(650) 494-4410 — x200 — R123

Jozef Danis

Facilities Manager, Lower School PE Teacher

x436 — T114

Judy Cohen

Learning Support Specialist

x108 — R220

Judy Schiffer

Assistant to Head of School, HR Manager

x103 — L123

Katherine Lose

Grade 4 Teacher


Kathleen Young

Grade 4 Lead Teacher


Kelsey Feeley

Grade 3 Teacher


Kent Yu

Information Systems Specialist

Kyle Santander

Hausner Health Coordinator

LaMonte Horston

Laura Coughlin

Middle School STEM teacher

Lauren Wuellner

Grade 5 Lead Teacher


Laveena Gole

Learning Support Specialist

x204 — L208

Liat Baranoff

Science Department Chair, Grade 6 Advisor


Maia Elder-Kadar

Grade 7 & 8 Hebrew & Jewish Studies, Grade 8 Advisor


Marina Andrijevic

Marla Hochman


Maytal Stern

Grade 2 Assistant Teacher


Meira Gotesdyner

Grades 6-8 Hebrew Studies Teacher


Merav Talmor

Grades 2 & 6 Hebrew Studies Teacher

Michelle Ramirez

Assistant Teacher

Micka Fish

Grades 3-5 Hebrew Studies Teacher, Hebrew Librarian

Mindi St. Peter

Grade 5 Lead Teacher


Miri Levy

Math Department Chair, Grade 8 Advisor


Mollie Lieblich

Middle School Humanities, Middle School Advisor


Nancy Brown

Administrative Assistant

x132 — L209

Ora Avidan-Antonir

Grades 1 & 2 Hebrew Studies Teacher

(650) 494-8200 — x100

Ora Gittelson-David

Director of Jewish Studies

(650) 494-4408 — x542 — R113

Pooja Dimba

Grade 4 Teacher


Rachel Matta

Spanish Teacher

Renee Ben-David

Kindergarten Teacher


Rizan Hammoud

Kindergarten Teacher


Robin Feuchtwang

Assistant Teacher, Jewish Studies & General Studies


Sally Goodis

Kindergarten Lead Teacher


Sharon Alter

Director of Hebrew Studies, Grade 5 Hebrew Studies Teacher

(650) 494-4415 — x437 — R113

Sharon Tsadok

K, 1st, 3rd Assistant Jewish Studies & Hebrew Teacher

Shiran Rothschild

Grades 1 & 2 Hebrew Studies Teacher

Shiry Zamir

Director of Learning Support & School Counselor

(650) 494-4409 — x203 — L204

Smita Kolhatkar

Director of Technology and Innovation

(650) 494-4412 — x107 — L222

Sonia Bakshi

Grade 3 Teacher

Stacey Spector-Franson

Grade 1 Lead Teacher


Stacy Nitschke

Grade 1 Lead Teacher


Tal Binyamin

Marketing Manager

Tali Aseo

Grades 6-8 Hebrew Studies Teacher


Vicky Tsur

Grade 2 General Studies Teacher and Grade 5 Jewish Studies

Viviane Cohen

Kindergarten Teacher Distance Learning

Yael Pelled

Lower School Hebrew

Yael Tal

Grade 3 Math Teacher

Yair Luria

SAGE Food Service Director

x448 — R208

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